OneTouch Football


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OneTouch Football is simple and fun! 
Play against a friend on one device and have hourless multiplayer matches!
Challenge yourself in a 60 seconds single player mode and try to make it through lots of challenging levels!

Gameplay 60 Seconds Challenge: 
You have 60 seconds to make it through various levels. Shoot a goal to complete a level and get 5 more seconds!
Control your player with the on-screen gamestick and shoot with the B-Button!

Gameplay Multiplayer: 
Select between four different locations and start the game! Control your players with the on-screen gamestick, press A to switch between players and hit B to shoot the ball! It’s that simple! (Hold B for a longer time and your shot will be much stronger!)

The first who scores 10 goals wins the game!

It doesn’t get simpler than that!

– Addictive single player challenge mode
– Gamecenter Leaderboards
– Easy-to-use on-screen controls
– 2-Player Mode on one device
– 4 different locations
– one ball, two goals

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